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Motion Control Air Bearing Stages from H2W Technologies

Motion Control – Air Bearing Stages Santa Clarita – Motion Control Components – The ABS positioning stage is a high precision, granite base, air bearing positioning stage for high end positioning applications. It is driven by an ironless core, non-cogging 3 phase brushless linear motor and guided by 5 flat magnetically preloaded air bearings floating […]

Automation – Dual Axis Linear Motion Stepper Motors!

Santa Clarita, CA — Automation – Linear Motion — H2W Technologies’ dual axis linear motion stepper motors are ideal for open loop positioning applications requiring 2 axis of motion in a single plane. They can perform at speeds of up to 80 in/sec [2 m/sec] and strokes of up to 20 in x 30 in [0.5 m […]

Dual Axis Linear Steppers feature: Low Profile, Low Cost, and .00004” [1 micron] Microsteps!

Santa Clarita, CA — — Dual Axis Linear Steppers. — H2W Technologies Dual Axis Linear Stepper Motors are ideal for open loop positioning applications with light payloads. They can be used at speeds up to 80 in /sec [2m/sec] and strokes up to 40” x 60” [1 m x 1.5 m]. Linear stepper motors are […]

Linear Motion – High Precision, Granite Base, Air Bearing Positioning Stage for High End Positioning Applications!

Travel 1 to 80 inches [0.025 to 2m] Velocity 0.1 to 240 inches/sec [0.0025 to 6 m/s] Acceleration 0.1 to 12 G’s 0.1 to 12 G’s Peak Force 15 to 600 lbs [66 to 2667 N] Continuous Force 5 to 200 lbs [22 to 889 N] Resolution 0.000004″ to 0.0002″ [0.1 to 5 micron] The […]

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