Motion Control – High Precision Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Positioning Stages Feature Four Motor Options!

Motion Control – Four-axes Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Roll Stages

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motion control - stages - custom

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The new Motion Control XGGR-50-10-15-60 Series of Four-axis Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) is the integration of a Linear-axis stage, two Goniometer Stages, and a Rotary Stage. The lower Linear axis stage has 50 mm of travel. The Pitch-axis is a +/- 10 degrees Goniometer, the Roll-axis is a +/- 15 degrees Goniometer, and the Yaw-axis (upper -axis) is a 60 mm diameter rotary stage capable of continuous rotation. These compact four-axis Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw stages feature four motor options to meet the precision and speed of travel requirements of an application.

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Motion Control – Advanced Motion Controls Unveils Next-Generation FlexPro® EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

Motion Control – EtherNet/IP Servo Drives
motion control - servo drives

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Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control – The FlexPro® drive series is AMC’s latest family of digital servo drives designed for high power, small size, and reliable servo motor control. The drive architecture allows for higher power densities while still maintaining reliability and versatility. The advanced processing and storage capabilities ensure that the drives are more intelligent and operationally flexible than ever before

Motion Control – Electric Cylinder Has Zero Cogging and High Throughput!

Motion Control – Zero Cogging Electric Cylinder
motion control - electric cylinder

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Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Components -– Moticont has added another non-commutated linear actuator to its DDLM series of low cost actuators. This new DDLM-019-070-01 Linear Actuator can develop 10.1 oz (2.8 N) of continuous force and 32.1 oz (8.9 N) of peak force at 10% duty cycle.  Having a stroke of 0.960 in. (24.4 mm), this clean, fully enclosed linear actuator, also referred to as an electric cylinder is ideal for use in critical medical applications.   Measuring just 0.750 in. (19.1 mm) in. diameter with a housing length of 2.750 in. (44.5 mm) long, this zero cogging, bi-directional actuator is easily integrated into new and existing applications.  Each end of the shaft is threaded for direct coupling of the actuator to the load resulting in zero backlash allowing for smooth, high speed positioning, and high acceleration/deceleration resulting in greater throughput.

Motion Control – Dual Axis Cross Roller Bearing Voice Coil Stage Features 200 Nanometers Positioning Repeatability!

Motion Control – Stage Features 200 Nanometers Repeatability!

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Forestville, CA, – — The motion control – VCS-XY1010 Dual Axis Voice Coil Stage: Cross roller bearing guidance system; Reaction force cancellation system; 10mm of linear motion each axis; 35 G’s acceleration, no load; 200 nanometers positioning repeatability; Non-contact electro-optic position sensor; Direct SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier compatibility; 38 x 251 x 254mm, 1120 grams.

Motion Control – New! Three-axis Gimbal Mounts Feature High Resolution, High Load Capacity, Stability, and Four Motor Options!

Motion Control –  Three-Axis Stage!

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Van Nuys, CA – — Motion Control – Four high resolution, high Load, high stability three axis gimbal mounts have been released by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These four new AU270-YPR Three Axis (Yaw, Angular Pitch, and Roll) Gimbal Mounts were developed to be used with larger and heavier: Cameras, telescopes, directional antennas, optics, lasers, tracking and scanning systems. These new, larger, high stability, gimbal mounts are 400 mm wide x 480 mm high, weigh 50 kg and handle loads up to 10 kg and the Roll Axis features a large 90 mm thru hole for cables and optics.

Motion Control – USDA Certified Stand-Off Bearing Flange Blocks with Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Hybrid Bearings, Set New Standard for Performance and Hygienics!

Motion Control – USDA Certified Stand-Off Bearing Flange Blocks

motion control usda certified flange blocks
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E. Longmeadow, MA – Motion Control – FDA/USDA Certified, two, three and four post, Stand-Off Bearing Flange Blocks are setting a new standard for performance and Hygienics. These new Stand-off bearing flange blocks now available from LM76 reduce the surface area where mold and bacteria can thrive, even from the most through sanitizing operations. Long life Hybrid Stainless Steel Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball Bearings in Stainless Steel bearing blocks are coated with a smooth non-water absorbing polyamide coating certified by EHEDG, USDA, and 3-A.

Motion Control – Meet the Voltage, Duty Cycle, and Force Requirements of Many Applications with a Series of 18 Push Type Open Frame Solenoids with a 1 Inch Stroke!

Motion Control – Push Type Open Frame Solenoid

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Motion Control Solenoids – Van Nuys, CA — Push Type Solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) includes a series of 18 different low-cost open frame solenoids to select from based on the Voltage, Duty Cycle, Force of up to 96 oz (26.7 N) and stroke requirements of the user. These clean, high efficiency, low-cost S-18-100-QH Open Frame Push Type Solenoids can be operated at a variety of duty cycles (voltage dependent) and are the ideal choice for: Medical dispensing, mixing, valve control, disconnects, vending machines, farm machinery, transmission shifting, fire suppression systems, cabinet locks, door controls, assembly and sorting equipment.

Motion Control – The Engineering Edge – Jet Rail Linear Roller Blocks – Bearing Specifications and Loading Instructions

Motion Control – the Engineering Edge – Jet Rail
motion control - engineering edge

motion control - jet rail linear bearings

Motion Control – Kollmorgen expands its line of certified explosion proof products with new ATEX and IECEx/cETLus status for Goldline high-voltage servo motors

Motion Control – Explosion proof Servomotors!

Motion Control - electromate kollmorgen motors
motion control electromate robotics




Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control – Kollmorgen, a global leader in motion control systems, announced ATEX certification and IECEx/cETLus listing for the explosion proof Goldline EBH 480 Vac servo motor. These new explosion proof approvals for the high-voltage Goldline EBH servo motor exemplify Kollmorgen’s commitment to advancing the state of the art in motion control and meeting the most demanding application requirements.

Motion Control – Companies on Facebook

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Motion Control – Compact 1.25 Micron Resolution Direct Drive Linear Actuator Features High Speed, Zero Cogging!

Motion Control – Electric Cylinder

motion control - electric cylinder

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – A New, compact, Electric Cylinder or Linear Voice Coil Actuator 38.1 mm (1.500 in.) in diameter, with a 12.7 mm (0.500 in.) stroke, and a housing length of 69.9 mm (2.750 in.) long has been released by Moticont.
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This new SDLM-0038-070-01-01M Linear DC Actuator features high repeatability, 1.25 micron resolution, a continuous force of 14.5 N (3.2 lbs.), and a peak force of 45.8 N (10.3 lbs.). To operate at peak efficiency an integral temperature sensor provides data to achieve the highest possible throughput.

Motion Control – High Performance Ultra Compact Stepper Motor Positioning Stage From Equipment Solutions!

Motion Control – Miniature Positioning Stage!

motion control - miniature stepper motor stage

motion control - Miniature actuatorsForestville, CA, – — The motion control SMS12 Linear Stepper Motor stage is an ultra compact stage that provides up to 12 millimeters of linear motion. This stage offers near sub-micron resolution with the ability to accelerate a small load at 2G’s. A non-contact home sensor provides a reference position with repeatability of a couple microns. It was specifically developed for optical applications requiring both high precision and modest-speed positioning over a short to medium stroke.

Innovative Automation – High Precision Three-axis Stages Adds A New Dimension to Pitch and Roll Stages … … Lift!

Innovative Automation -ZGG Stage – Lift Plus Dual Goniometers

motion control three-axis stages
motion control - stage




Van Nuys, CA – Innovative Automation – New High Precision Three-axis ZGG-60-10-15 Series of Lift, Pitch, and Roll Stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). These compact stages feature 60 mm +/- 2 mm (2.362 in. +/- 0.078 in.) of vertical travel.

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Motion Control – Solenoid Driver Module from Magnetic Sensor Systems is Energy Stingy!

Motion Control – Solenoids – Driver Module

motion control - solenoid driver module
Motion Control – Solenoids – Van Nuys, CA – Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) Has released the SDM840 Solenoid Driver Module as a complement to their Series of Solenoids and those of other manufacturers that includes: Tubular, Open Frame, Low Profile, Hinged Clapper, Latching, and Rotary Solenoids. This compact, quiet 20 kHz pulse width modulated driver module measuring just 1.65 in. x 2.50 in. is designed to consume less energy by first applying the voltage for a pre-determined period of time necessary to activate the solenoid and when the plunger is seated, drop the voltage to a level sufficient to hold the solenoid in the seated position conserving energy and avoiding overheating the solenoid’s coil.

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This also allows smaller solenoids to be used when a large force at a long stroke is required by applying high voltage to the solenoid providing the necessary force to pull the plunger in, then dropping the voltage down to maintain the plunger in place.

Motion Control – Select XTREME 6000, Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CERAMICSPEED for Extreme Environment Applications!

Motion Control – Full Ceramic Ball Radial Bearings

innovations in motion control -ceramic bearings

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E. Longmeadow, MA — Motion Control – The XTREME 6000 ZrO2 Series of Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CeramicSpeed are designed to provide levels of performance in extreme environments beyond the capabilities of steel and even hybrid bearings. The complementing components of these bearings were carefully selected to provide the highest levels of performance in high temperatures, and adverse environments such as: Submerged in water, high pressure steam, chemicals, and caustic fluids.

Motion Control – Kollmorgen debuts EKM Series Brushless AC Servo Motors

Motion Control – Brushless AC Servo Motors!motion control - electromate robotics
motion control - ac servo motor


                             Motion Control – These enhanced, high-performance motors are MilSpec 810E rated and IP67 sealed. They are supplied standard with a stainless-steel shaft and chemical agent-resistant paint for reliable duty in harsh environmental conditions.

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control – Kollmorgen has recently introduced the new EKM series of Enhanced, High-Performance, Brushless AC Servo Motors. EKM Series Motors are Mil-Spec 810E rated and IP67 sealed for duty in harsh environmental conditions.

Innovative Automation – Half Inch Stroke, and High Force-to-Size Ratio, Are Features of Miniature Voice Coil Servo Motor!

Innovative Automation – Miniature Voice Coil Motor!

innovative automation - electric cylindermotion control - moticont


 Innovative Automation – Van Nuys, CA – Newly released from Moticont, the miniature GVCM-019-022-02 Linear Voice Coil Servo Motor, is just three-fourths of an inch (19.0 mm) in diameter and features a half inch (12.7 mm) stroke. This very small linear actuator, also referred to as an electric cylinder, features 8.4 ounces (2.3 N) of continuous force and 26.6 ounces (7.4 N) of peak force at a 10 percent duty cycle. This non-commutated brushless servo motor features: High reliability, high speed, high acceleration/deceleration, and repeatability when used in a servo loop, and zero cogging.

Innovative Automation – High Precision Linear Focus Actuator, the LFA-2014 from Equipment Solutions Features 200 Nanometer Positioning Repeatability!

Innovative Automation – Linear Focus Actuator

Innovative Automation - linear focus actuator

motion control - miniature components




Forestville, CA, – — Innovative Automation – LFA-2014 Linear Focus Actuator has a 20 millimeter clear aperture, 14 millimeters of linear motion, 200 nanometer positioning repeatability, non-contact electro-optic analog position sensor, fully integrated SCA814 Servo Amplifier, integrated heat sink, motor coil temperature sensor, and integrated stage motion brake.

Motion Control – Linear Focus Actuator from Equipment Solutions features 200 Nanometer position Repeatability!

Motion Control – Linear Focus Actuator features 200 Nanometer repeatability!

motion control - linear focus actuator

motion control - miniature components



Forestville, CA, – — Motion Control – This Custom LFA-2003 Linear Focus Actuator Features: 20 millimeter clear aperture, 3 millimeters linear motion, 200 nanometer position repeatability, Flexture guidance system, ‘C’ mount lens adapter, integrated coil temperature sensor, direct SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier compatibility, 74mm x 61mm, 690 grams.

Innovative Automation – Motion Controllers for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Axis of Motion Can Be Operated as Stand-alone or Can Be Host Controlled!

Innovative Automation – Multi-axis Motion Controllers

innovative automation - multi-axis controller
motion control - stage




Van Nuys, CA – Innovative Automation – Complementing the OES (Optimal Engineering Systems Inc.) growing line of single and multi-axis positioning stages is the Allegra Series of Stored Program Motion Control Systems Controllers. The Allegra Series of Controllers is available as a desktop (pictured) or 19 inch rack mount system.

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