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San Luis Obispo, CA – Trust Automation, Inc. has introduced a new series of motion control brushed servos and two series of brushless servos that can lower the cost of new or existing applications, and improve the performance of an existing application. The integration into an existing application is easy as each motor has been designed as a, “Drop-in-Replacement.“ Additionally, each series of servo motors has been engineered to reduce torque ripple for smooth operation. Integral encoder, brake, and tachometer options make these brushed and brushless servos ideal for: Robotics, machine tools, medical equipment, assembly, and packaging applications.

Matching the right servo is easy. The SE500 series consists of eight brushed servos from 23 Watts up to 500 Watts. These motors have been designed for high performance. For example, the 5000 rpm SE540-0200 motor is rated at 200 Watts, 3.3 A continuous, and 25 A peak for greater throughput.

The SE600 series of eight low inertia brushless servos features servo motors that go from 30 Watts up to 1500 Watts and the SE700 series of twelve medium inertia brushless servos go from 50 Watts to 7000 Watts. Standard on SE600 and SE700 servos is differential Hall signals U, V, and W. Torque ripple on these 10 pole servos is only 0.3 % of rated torque.

Brushed Motors, SE500 series, come standard with 1000 line differential encoders, and Brushless Motors, SE600 and SE700 series, come standard with 2000 line differential encoders. Optional 500, 1000, 2000, and 2500 line differential encoders with A, B & Index (for brushed and brushless) are available as special order. A standard 24 Volt DC and optional 90 Volt DC fail-safe brake is available for brushed and brushless motors. Brushed motors have optional tachometers (for 110 watts and above). Oil seals are standard on all models and matching servo amplifiers are available.

Trust Automation, Inc. has focused on developing and manufacturing the highest performance servo products in the motion control market. Our innovative products address the increasing demand for higher performance and simpler machine integration.

Trust Automation’s motion control products include: Stand-alone motion and machine controllers, SynqNet I/O and SynqNet Drives, Brushed and Brushless Rotary Motors, Interconnect Products and Automation Engineering consulting covering Mechanical, Electrical, Software and System aspects of machine design.

Since 1990 Trust Automation has provided Smart Solutions in Motion Control and Affordable Customization of motion related products.

For additional information contact David Rennie at Trust Automation, 143 Suburban Road, Bldg 100, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401; Tel: 805-544-0761, Fax: 805-544-4621, E-Mail: or visit the Web site at

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