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Motion Control – High Precision Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Positioning Stages Feature Four Motor Options!

Motion Control – Four-axes Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Roll Stages

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Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The new Motion Control XGGR-50-10-15-60 Series of Four-axis Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) is the integration of a Linear-axis stage, two Goniometer Stages, and a Rotary Stage. The lower Linear axis stage has 50 mm of travel. The Pitch-axis is a +/- 10 degrees Goniometer, the Roll-axis is a +/- 15 degrees Goniometer, and the Yaw-axis (upper -axis) is a 60 mm diameter rotary stage capable of continuous rotation. These compact four-axis Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw stages feature four motor options to meet the precision and speed of travel requirements of an application.

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Motion Control – New! Three-axis Gimbal Mounts Feature High Resolution, High Load Capacity, Stability, and Four Motor Options!

Motion Control –  Three-Axis Stage!

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Van Nuys, CA – — Motion Control – Four high resolution, high Load, high stability three axis gimbal mounts have been released by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These four new AU270-YPR Three Axis (Yaw, Angular Pitch, and Roll) Gimbal Mounts were developed to be used with larger and heavier: Cameras, telescopes, directional antennas, optics, lasers, tracking and scanning systems. These new, larger, high stability, gimbal mounts are 400 mm wide x 480 mm high, weigh 50 kg and handle loads up to 10 kg and the Roll Axis features a large 90 mm thru hole for cables and optics.

Innovative Automation – High Precision Three-axis Stages Adds A New Dimension to Pitch and Roll Stages … … Lift!

Innovative Automation -ZGG Stage – Lift Plus Dual Goniometers

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Van Nuys, CA – Innovative Automation – New High Precision Three-axis ZGG-60-10-15 Series of Lift, Pitch, and Roll Stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). These compact stages feature 60 mm +/- 2 mm (2.362 in. +/- 0.078 in.) of vertical travel.

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Innovative Automation- High Precision, Low Profile, Compact 40 mm Motorized Rotary Stages!

Innovative Automation – 40 mm Diameter Rotary Stage!

Innovative Automation - 40 mm dia rotary stage
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Van Nuys, CA – Innovative Automation – The AY110-40-01 Rotary Stage (pictured) from Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers the users a high precision, low profile, compact motorized rotary stage. This precision stage with a diameter of 40 mm (1.575 in.) table is just 30 mm (1.181 in.) high and the footprint is only 133 mm by 57.5 mm (5.236 in. by 2.264 in.). The stage has an 8 mm (0.314 in.) aperture, a vernier scale, and a pattern of threaded mounting holes in the rotary table, and holes in the base for easy integration into new and existing applications.

Motion Control – Eight New High Resolution, High Repeatability Yaw-and-Pitch Stages for the Measurement of Angles and Curvatures!

Motion Control – Yaw and Pitch Stages

motion control - yaw/pitch stages
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Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Eight new Yaw-and-Pitch Stages have been introduced by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These new series of high precision Yaw-and-Pitch Stages integrate Goniometers as the lower stage (yaw axis) and a rotary stage as the upper stage (pitch axis). The yaw range of travel is +/-10 or +/- 15 degrees. The pitch range of travel is 360 degrees of continuous motion. The diameter of the pitch axis is 60 mm.

Applications include Laser scanning, drilling, and machining, reverse engineering, inspection, assembly, measurements, tracking, and positioning.

Motion Control – High Precision, High Load Goniometer Stages with +/- 30 Degrees of Travel Are Available from OES!

XYZ-G Positioning Stage – XYZ-Goniometer Positioning Stages

Motion Control goniometer stage
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Van Nuys, CA – – Motion Control – Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has added four goniometers to their expanding catalog of high precision positioning stages. The new, AK160-30 Goniometer Series feature precision ground worm gears with a 400:1 ratio and pre-loaded cross roller guides offer +/- 30 degrees of travel with 30 kg of load.

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