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Motion Control – Giant Solar-Powered Butterfly Puts the Focus on Climate Change Solutions

Motion Control – Maxon to Host the Solar Butterfly

Motion Control – Seeking climate change solutions, the world’s largest sustainability tour is coming to Taunton, Massachusetts. The solar-powered butterfly is a 30-foot-long tiny house in the shape of a butterfly, which charges the electric vehicle it tows


motion control - combating climate change

motion control - maxon motors



Motion Control – The SolarButterfly is focused on reaching millions of people, alerting them to the companies and individuals that are integral in transitioning societies away from fossil fuels toward clean energy technologies. Presently on a four-year journey around the world, the SolarButterfly plans to identify, record, and publicize at least a thousand climate protection pioneers and their solutions.

Motion Control Components Application Exoskeleton! – Maxon Driven – Focus – 2020 Cybathlon!

Motion Control – Application Exoskeleton

“People with disabilities are only disabled if they come up against the insurmountable. But where do the obstacles in our everyday lives come from? From barriers in our minds” … Cybathlon founder Robert Riener.

motion control - maxon motors


motion control - maxon motor


Taunton, MA — Motion Control Components Application – maxon’s DRIVEN magazine just released a special issue focusing on the 2020 CYBATHLON to be held in Zurich on September 19th and 20th.This is an event where people with physical disabilities compete against each other in obstacle courses with the use of assistance systems such as exoskeletons, bionics prostheses and motorized wheelchairs. 

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